It is the comparison process between the measurement of the instrument and the expected measurement according to a Reference Standard. Means challenge an instrument against another more accurate instrument with known uncertainty. It allows to detect the deviation of its measurements, following a validated calibration procedure at a controlled environment. Adjustments only will be performed when the instrument measurement are out of tolerance.

Calibration is an insurance policy that ensures the accuracy of all testing equipment. Instruments that are out-of-tolerance (OOT) may give false information that leads to unreliable products, customer dissatisfaction and increased warranty costs.

It is the ISO standard that applies to Testing and Calibration Laboratories. This standards requires that laboratories demonstrate that they have a robust quality system and Technical Competence to perform the calibrations for they are accredited. Each laboratory is accredited just to perform the calibrations that are contained in its scope (Request this document to your supplier). ISO 9000 does not apply to Calibration Laboratories since does not contain the Technical Competence requirements.

When selecting a laboratory to fulfil your testing, calibration or measurement needs, you need to be sure that they can supply you with accurate and reliable results. The technical competence of a laboratory depends on a number of factors including:

  • the qualifications, training and experience of the staff
  • the right equipment – properly calibrated and maintained
  • adequate quality assurance procedures
  • proper sampling practices
  • appropriate testing procedures
  • valid test methods
  • traceability of measurements to national standards
  • accurate recording and reporting procedures
  • suitable testing facilities

The accredited ISO/IEC 17025 service ensures that all requirements of the standard are met at each calibration service. Traceability of measurements to International Standards, test uncertainty ratio (TUR 4:1), suitable reference standards, validated calibration procedure, technical competence are some of the requirements that have to be accomplished.The NIST Traceable service only meets that the standard used is traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). This traceability can be stablished through non-accredited laboratories. No other requirement is mandatory.

The cost of a calibration service is not proportional to the price of the equipment under test. The cost structure associated to calibration costs is defined by: calibration complexity, technician hours invested, reference standard cost and its maintenance, consumables, indirect labor and others.No matter the cost of the equipment under test these calibration costs are fixed. Calibrate an expensive thermometer have the same price to calibrate a cheaper one, since the lab incurs in the same costs to calibrate them. For that reason the calibration cost never will be proportional to the equipment price.

The guarantee of our service is 30 days. If you have any issue with a calibrated equipment our technical personnel will evaluate the possible root causes of the defect to determine if the guarantee applies. Since after the calibration service the equipment stays at the customer facility or is delivered, we do not have visibility if the equipment is properly used. However if you have any situation please contact us to help with the solution.


Please send the list of the instruments with their information as Description, Manufacturer, Model No., Operational Range or the information of the service that you require. This info could be send through our internet portal on the Quotation section or to our email quotations@phoenixcalibrationdr.com. The quote will be sent shortly.If you are agree with the quotation, please issue a purchase order. It could be sent by our Portal on the POnline section or by email to orders@phoenixcalibrationdr.com When we receive the purchase order our Service Planning personnel will contact you to coordinate the service date.

Our service promise is 5 working days after the purchase order receipt, as any company we work based on our service planning and to avoid downtimes we plan a week on advance. If you have any emergency please communicate it to do our best to respond.Upon Purchase order receipt our service planning personnel will be contacting you to coordinate the service date. You will receive an automatic email informing you the planned service date, which could be reserved in our portal.

Our services are not scheduled by specific time, we divide it by Morning and Afternoon since a service could be extended or shortened depending of the situation that the technicians have to deal during the service. All customer desire that we deliver a functional and calibrated equipment. For that reason we do not offer specific hours, to avoid lateness.

It depends on the Calibration procedure and the reference Standards that have to be use on the calibration routine. If the procedure defines that the calibration must be performed at specific environmental conditions or if the reference standard cannot be removed from de laboratory (Size, High cost, Vulnerability to transport), then your equipment have to be sent to our laboratory. The intention of this disposition is offer a service with the highest accuracy and quality, following reliable and validated calibration procedures.

Your equipment should be sent to: Calle 8 No. 9 Residencial Rosmil, Los Restauradores, Santo Domingo. Please verify the location in Contact us section or call us at 809-563-0457.

Our service promise is 5 working days after the purchase order and the equipment receipt. As any company we work based on our service planning and to avoid downtimes we plan a week on advance. If you have any emergency please communicate it to do our best to respond.Instruments that by their type require more days to be calibrated, you will be notified on the quotation or during the receiving process at the laboratory.
To verify the status of your equipment you can access to our portal and go to Equipment Tracking section. There you can know the stage that the equipment is.

Phoenix Calibration has a totally free delivery service for your equipment. When the equipment is calibrated our system or personnel notifies the customer that the instrument is ready and when you will receive it according with the delivery route. However if you do not want to wait the delivery process you can pick up the equipment at our laboratory. Our address is Calle 8, No.9 Residencial Rosmil, Los Restauradores, Santo Domingo.

This abbreviation stands for internal order that are assigned to an instrument which does not have purchase order or exceed the current one. In these cases we proceed with the calibration service with your authorization by writing (Form). Our purpose is your equipment does not stay out of calibration and generate quality issues.


Phoenix Calibration has a totally free internet portal for our customers where the calibration certificates are loaded. There you can visualize, download and print all your certificates. On this portal you can manage your calibration program without any cost.

The calibration certificates are available at our internet portal within approx. 72 hrs after the service. The system will send an email notifying that the certificates have been approved and are available to download.

www.phoenixcalibrationdr.com click on Portal Access. Insert your user and password and click on Login. In the Certificates section you will find a list with all your calibration certificates.

Access our website and click on the Certificates section. You have 3 options: by equipment, by Certificates and by Purchase Order. By Equipment: In this option you can download or print a certificate in specific. By Certificate: In this option you can download or print one or more certificates according with your selection in the first column. In this option is available the certificate of the last calibration. By Purchase Order: In this option you can download or print one or more certificates contained in a purchase order according with your selection in the first column. Click on Download PDF, the system download a .rar file with all the selected certificates, containing a .pdf file for each certificate.


The invoicing process starts when the Approval process ends, for that reason the invoice is issued when the calibration certificates are approved. We only billed the services that are contained in the purchase order. When all the services contained in de Purchase Order are completed the service is billed.

The charge of the calibration service is independent of the results. The equipment is submitted to a calibration routine, if the result is passed or failed is the same for the service purpose. To determine if the equipment is in tolerance or out of tolerance the calibration routine has to be performed. In fact, at failed calibration we invest more time to perform the adjustments and resolve the defect that is generating the out of tolerance condition. In some cases the adjustment is not successful and the calibration result is failed.

This charge is related to the driving hours spend by our technicians to get to your facility (no productive work hours), fuel and personnel and equipment insurance cost.

According with the DGII only the companies that are dedicated exclusively to the transportation business are exempted. However the companies that have transportation as an additional charge must to apply the taxes to the item on the invoice.

The invoices will have 30 days of credit (the company reserves the right to change this). We accept the payments on checks, deposits, credit cards and wire transfers. For security reasons we do not accept cash payments. If you need our account numbers please contact out Accounting Department.

The invoice shall be paid using the current exchange rate on the payment date.

The statement of accounts are informative and help us to manage our aged receivables, if your invoices have not expired you should not take any action and enjoy your days of credit. Otherwise you should transact the payment of the due invoices.


Go to our website www.phoenixcalibrationdr.com and click on Portal Access. At the login page click on Forgot Password (only one time). You will receive an email with a provisional password to your access, then you should change the password.

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