CALSYSTEM is the complete solution for the automation and documentation of calibration processes, where your instruments can be managed and maintained. CALSYSTEM consists of two applications: CALSYSTEM CALIBRATOR, the Off-Line calibration application for the calibration technician; and CALSYSTEM PORTAL, for the management of test and measurement instruments. The use of CALSYSTEM is a completely paperless system that will reduce your calibration and documentation time by 50%, as well as reducing human error during calibration processes. The documentation of your calibration results and procedures will lead you to comply with industry standards for calibration and quality (ISO/IEC 17025 / ANSI / NCSL Z540).

Phoenix Calibration offers Mobile Calibrator, an application designed so that our clients can perform their internal verifications on our platform, thus being able to centralize the information of their measurements and maintenance. In frequency, beneficiary of all the functionalities of our asset management and administration systems.


Phoenix Calibration offers a free online system for the administration and management of your assets. This tool has several features that represent great savings in costs, time and productivity gains for our customers.


Our customers can access through our labels their calibration certificates, manuals, traceability information and more.

Requirements through the portal

Requesting a calibration or service is easy, simply complete a quick form on the portal and we will organize a collection at a convenient time for you.

Delivery and collection receipts

All pickups and deliveries have a complete audit trail, so you can be sure that your instruments are in good hands. Everything is signed, and even photographed, to ensure that it is recovered as it was collected. All this information is available to view on the portal.

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